Food & other tips in Marrakech

The Meals

After the delicious lunch we had at Omar and Amber’s at their Airbnb The Gardener's House the first day, we decided to have most of our meals at home (breakfast and dinner). The breakfast was varied and changed daily. We had fruit, yogurt, eggs, Moroccan specialties, Moroccan bread and various homemade jams. For dinner, we had different dishes every night (tagines, couscous, etc.) and they were all delicious.

We had a meal outside the house only once. On our 2nd day, we had lunch on the terrace of Riad 72. The view was splendid. The food was good but having tasted real homemade meal at a local’s house, a meal in a hotel had nothing more comparable to the view as it is. Special thanks to our very young waiter, Ahmed, for whom it was his first day yet he handled it like a pro.

One of our favourite meals during this trip was also the lunch in the Atlas Mountains (see The Guide).

The Unforeseen

There was no wifi at our Airbnb and we did not have access to the 4G unless paid the high price (with my UK plan it was £ 7.20 per MB). So, it was a little back to the stone age where you can only rely on others on their recommendations and their advice.

The 2nd thing we were totally unprepared for was the weather. To be honest, we had not expected it to be so cold. I wore my only pair of jeans and my only sweater with my leather jacket and my every day. Fortunately, I had a pair of sneakers with me. I have a note to remember to be more prepared for the weather next time.

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