Landing in Marrakech

The Tips for Marrakech Airport

We landed at Marrakech Airport around noon on April 22, 2018. After you land, prepare to take at least an hour to get out of the airport. First you have to queue for passport control and forms check (they also check the address you are going to stay in Morocco), then for a new passport control and finally, a last line to screen your luggage through X-Ray. The best thing to do is to have someone pick you up from the airport, an hour after your plane lands. You can also take a taxi but prepare to negotiate prices.

Keep in mind that people who do not travel cannot get into the airport. So, when you have passed the controls, you have to get out of the airport to meet your driver.

The Accommodation

I did not want to stay in a hotel on my first trip to Marrakech. I wanted to experience the Moroccan lifestyle to the fullest.

I already knew The Gardener's House (formerly Pink Rug Co.) through a decorative article. When I saw that they would soon launch their Airbnb, I simply contacted them by email and they replied that their Airbnb would be ready to welcome us for our dates of stay.

Their house is located in Tahanaout, in the countryside about 30 minutes from the centre of Marrakech. The place is simply magical.

We were very well received at the B & B by Amber, Omar's wife, who took care of the decoration of their house. The beautiful results could already been seen when we arrived, even though they had not finished the works.

The house is decorated in pastel colours with a touch of more pronounced colours like dark green armchairs. The velvet armchairs give a lot of softness inside. An incredible and unique addition to the décor was the vintage scarves of designer brands (Hermes, Gucci) framed on the walls.

Thanks again to Omar who personally drove us around during our stay.

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