The main purpose of Tree of Colors is to create two-way relationships between the curious travellers, and the creative artists and artisans of the world. All coming from different countries, cultures and backgrounds; coming together under the same roof of Tree of Colors. With the first route, from the creatives to the travellers, Tree of Colors allows artists and artisans of the world to bring their creations to light and to exchange their values and stories with people they have never met. With the second route, from the travellers to the creatives, Tree of Colors allows world travellers to bring back a small piece of the world their travelling with them, full of new values and stories of the artists and artisans they may or may not have seen on their way. 

Tree of Colors is a tiny, heterogeneous team.

Firstly, there’s the family aspect: Tree of Colors is the relationship that exists between a father and his daughter, both of whom are passionate to help artists and artisans, who cannot afford to make their work known in the Western world.

Secondly, Tree of Colors is the friendship between two girls, coming from different worlds, who met in London during their studies. One Belgian, the other one Turkish. United under the principle of open-mindedness, and started working on Tree of Colors one evening while eating Fish n’ Chips in Marylebone, London.

Tree of Colors was born due to willingness to learn, to help and to exchange.