NICAEA Iznik Ceramics Tile Mirror (Green)

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This miror is framed with Iznik ceramic tiles fixed on wood. Each tile is hand painted with traditional Iznik motifs, each motif having a different meaning. With the green wood frame, and deep blue and red tiles, this mirror will be the perfect piece to add a pop of colour to any room. 


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Sourced in Iznik, Turkey, this mirror is made from ceramic tiles handpainted with traditional Iznik motifs. Each motif has a meaning behind it. Some examples are: The Carnation motif, which is based on the Mediterranean native carnation flower, represents purification and regenaration. The Cintemani motif, which is based on the leopard spots, represents power, justice and equality. The Golden Horn motif, which is made up of intricate spiral leaf and floral designs, represents infinity. The Tree of Life motif, which is a tree with floral branches reaching up to the sky, represents family and its roots. The Tulip motif, which is based on the tulip flower, represents God and spirituality. This unique piece is handmade by the local vocational school students, training to be Iznik pottery craftsmen. All proceeeds from our purchase directly went to the education of these students. 


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