Seyni Gadiaga

BLUE Acrylic painting Seyni Gadiaga Senegal

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Blue is an acrylic abstract painting on wooden panel by Seyni Gadiaga, a Senegalese painter. It was made in 1994.

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Seyni GADIAGA was born in 1956 in Dakar, Senegal. He is an abstract painter, using traditional items like triangles to represent fertility and relief on its paintings to represent traditional scarification. A few years ago, he started to introduce human beings' shapes in his paintings. His paintings are colorful: they can be blue like the ocean, yellow like the sand, red like the sunset or the dark red soil where nothing grows, and green, the sacred color. Seyni's artworks are created with mixed techniques: acrylic paint on canvas or wooden panel on which he creates an uneven suface.

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125 x 37cm